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Talked dialogue [From “Watching” to “Listening” Voicy changes the future of voice media] (Part 2) Kentaro Ogata, CEO of Voicy, and Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant

The second part’s funny too! Please read on!
Talked Conversation [From “Watching” to “Listening” Voicy Changes the Future of Voice Media] (Part 2)
Kentaro Ogata, CEO of Voicy x Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant
Ogata: “In the long term, we will probably see voice coming from any IOT in the world. That is where GAFA’s OS will probably come in. Then, as I mentioned, it will become commonplace for people to obtain information as they go about their lives. I would like to be the infrastructure for the information background at that time. It will become commonplace for people to listen to and browse Voicy content while walking and living their lives. On the other hand, the number of people who are active in speaking will increase tremendously, and a variety of contents will be archived…this is my vision of the future. For example, “I would like to listen to Konosuke Matsushita’s stories if they are all still available. I think it would be interesting to have a platform where all the stories of historical figures are archived. (omitted).
The number of human beings who have lived in our society so far must reach tens of billions by now. But there is almost no evidence left of their lives. All of that will be left behind, all the time from these days on, the things that have been spoken. Then we will be able to say, “Let’s go see that person, years ago, where he or she had such and such a feeling. (omitted).
If the text is preserved from now on, it would be possible to have, for example, the story of Oda Nobunaga’s scolding of Akechi Mitsuhide in his own voice, without the need to reproduce it with AI. In other words, I think that one of the greatest assets created by human beings is the language that comes from their thoughts. But until now, this has not been archived at all. When all of these assets are turned into money, they become explosively valuable. And of course, again, if you have an investor say, “How are you going to monetize that, how are you going to eat that?” I say…. That stuff can wait (laughs).”
Editing and composition by
Junko Io
Photographed by
Yukiko Koshima
Date: July 5, 2021
◆ Reference
Voicetec Revolution: Gafa also Aiming for New Market Contest” (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing), Kentaro Ogata