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Eye Implant Surgery (Human2.0)

I had eye implant surgery!
I now understand how Tetsuro Hoshino feels when he travels to the edge of the universe in search of a mechanical body that can live forever in Leiji Matsumoto’s comic “Galaxy Express 999.
I used to have contacts, but with the latest techniques, I was able to improve my vision permanently. I no longer have presbyopia. Isn’t that amazing?
Conventional LASIK shaves the cornea and is not compatible with presbyopia. Therefore, those who had LASIK in 2000, when it was approved in Japan, have presbyopia by now.
What I did this time was called ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens), a vision correction surgery that does not remove the cornea. ICL is an implant surgery in which a contact lens is permanently inserted into the eye.
Features of ICL surgery include
Without shaving the cornea, a 2mm incision is made above the black eye, through which the lens is inserted and fixed behind the black eye.
Collamer is a new material that combines HEMA (hydroxyethyl methacrylate) and collagen, both of which have been conventionally used as contact lens materials, and has been confirmed to have long-term stability. (Approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare)
The lenses can be taken out if you are not satisfied with your vision or if you develop an eye disease in the future. Lenses are made in London, in my case, customized bifocal + presbyopia lenses were made over a period of two months.
The operation was done at SAPIA TOWER EYE CLINIC. The surgery took less than 10 minutes. No pain.