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Speedy Farm: fermented syrup cocktail made with shikwasa!

Speedy Farm
When I had a large amount of shikwasa last October, I tried to make “fermented syrup” following the advice of Mr. Junichi Maeshiro, who wrote an article about shikwasa in “HUB Okinawa”.🍋
I cut the shikwasa into quarters, layered them in a mille-feuille with millet sugar, and left them at room temperature. after about 4-5 days, the fermented syrup was ready.
This time, I made a cocktail based on that syrup with vodka and strong carbonation. Best drink ever!🍸
Try it, folks!
◆ Reference
Junichi Maeshiro’s article “How to Survive in After Corona Okinawa. – Jun Fukuda gives a lecture.”