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Conversation [Overcoming barriers with passion. The Life of a “New Business Entrepreneur” 】 Minoru Moriya, New Business Entrepreneur and Businessman, and Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant

The discussion with Mr. Moriya, who has launched 52 new businesses including “LUXUR,” is very interesting!
Tadashi Onizuka
Mr. Fukuda set me up, saying, “Mr. Fukuda, I’m sure we’ll get along. In fact, the first time I met Mr. Moriya, I fell in love with him within a second. He is an energetic person who is full of passion and love.
He has an intuitive sense that “all the old industries can go,” and he finds people who are familiar with those industries, and together they reform them more and more.
I am not particular about the type of business, but I feel that I can fix all the problems that people and society are facing with my ideas and ability to implement them.
Recently, they have made it their business to provide floors that are safe even if an elderly person falls and hits his or her head.
This is a must read!
Talked dialogue [Overcoming barriers with passion. The Lifestyle of “New Business Entrepreneurs” 】(Part 1)
Minoru Moriya, New Business Entrepreneur and Industrialist x
Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant
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Moriya: “I think DX is necessary for old-style industries. Many 20th century industrial structures were patterns of vertical integration by large companies. That is why DX is done through the horizontal division of labor with the power of IT. But in agriculture, the opposite is true. There is too much horizontal division of labor, and the “division” has slowed down the evolution of the industry. That’s why we reorganized the industry into a vertically integrated structure. We have our own land with the farmers, we build our own fruit-sorting plants, we arrange overseas export containers ourselves when we export, and in Indonesia, for example, we even secure the product shelves in supermarkets in Jakarta. ← I was surprised he even mentioned farming!
Editing: Junko Io
Composition: Mihoko Kusano
Photo: Yukiko Echima
Date: June 13, 2021