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Jun Fukuda’s art production history (2008 – 2021)

Jun Fukuda first became seriously involved with art 13 years ago in 2008.

It began with a request from P&G, a client of Sony Digital Entertainment (a digital marketing company), which I was managing at the time.
The “eyelash exhibition” was held in Ginza in collaboration with an artist to enhance the image of MaxFactor, one of P&G’s brand products.
It became so popular and enjoyable that he went on to produce 67 art exhibits over the next 13 years.
Often planned at the request of the client.
We have worked with many companies that realized the value of their brands early on, such as Coca-Cola, Google, POLA, and Warner Brothers.
Initially, the company did not have a fixed gallery, so it was able to exhibit art not only in Tokyo, but also in New York, Bangkok, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, and other cities around the world.
In 2016, he had his first gallery in Tokyo (now closed). Then, in 2018, he began in downtown Los Angeles and now operates a gallery in Santa Monica.
Having a gallery has allowed us to focus our efforts more intensively on finding artists. We expect the future of After Corona to be more exciting in terms of art development.
Recently, it seems that companies and society are demanding that business people have the ability to understand art, and requests for my services are increasing.
The surplus of money from the Corona disaster must be pouring into the art industry.
To ensure that this does not end up as a bubble boom, we would like to set it up so that art will become an opportunity for innovation in people’s brains.
↓ Art Producing Chronology for reference.