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Asahi Earth Conference 2021″ online: NON, Audrey Tan, and others to speak at the event.

NON, Audrey Tan, and others will speak at the event. Free-to-attend “Asahi Earth Conference 2021” to be held online.
[Sunday, October 17
◇”Learning about the SDGs with Non-san (tentative)” Non (actress, creative artist)
Michael Sandel (Professor, Harvard University), Shinichi Fukuoka (Biologist), Tomoko Nagano (Caster) *Special co-hosts: The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership
Yuichi Tsuda (Hayabusa2 Project Manager) and others
Ebizo Ichikawa (Kabuki actor), An Makudo Naruto (Professor, Sophia University Graduate School), Daikan Oki (Hydrologist)
[Monday, October 18
◇”Climate Security and Geopolitics” by Yasuko Kameyama, Director, Social System Area, National Institute for Environmental Studies, et al.
◇”At Least the Universe Begins at the Beginning” Mitsunobu Okada (CEO, Astroscale Holdings) / Tomoe Shinohara (Designer, Artist) / Akira Fujishima (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of Science), etc.
◇”Considering Japanese Medical Care under Pressure from the New Corona” by Kenshi Kutsuna (Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University), et al.
[Tuesday, October 19
Colin Woodard (U.S. historian) and Shigenori Uno (Professor at the University of Tokyo) will speak on “Thinking about Democracy from the Ground Up.
◇”Sisterhood for Survival: Women and Politics Now and in the Future” by Mikako Brady, writer in the UK.
◇Open class “Digital Nature: What am I? Yoichi Ochiai (CEO, Pixie Dust Technologies) and others
[Wednesday, October 20
◇”Where Is America Heading?” Tomohiro Machiyama (film critic) / Mineko Nomachi (writer)
◇”It’s not just climate change! Yukari Takamura (Professor, The University of Tokyo) and others *Special co-sponsor: Research Center for Future Vision, The University of Tokyo
Taiwan, Digital, Democracy” by Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s Political Officer in Charge of Digital Affairs.
[Thursday, October 21
◇”The Corona Disaster and Civilization” by Koichi Goka, Director, Ecological Risk Assessment and Response Laboratory, National Institute for Environmental Studies, and others
◇”Metabolism of the Japanese Economy” Tomoko Namba (Chairman of DeNA, Vice Chairman of Keidanren) and others
Kazuto Ataka (Professor, Keio University), Momoko Nojo (Representative Director, NO YOUTH NO JAPAN) and others