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Digital Technology Extends Visualization of the Invisible World (iPhone13pro)

Humans have expanded their own abilities over the years, wanting to exceed human capabilities.
The augmentation of the ear invented the telephone, the augmentation of the eye created television, and the augmentation of experience became VR.
And the new shooting function of the newly released iPhone 13 allows you to see the microscopic world that is invisible to the naked eye. (Minimum 2 cm)
It reminded me of the Gigapixel “Art Camera” experience I was shown at the Google Cultural Institute in Paris in 2016.
With that camera, Pieter Bruegel’s Harvest of Grain (c. 1565) is enlarged…
Six nude women enjoy a dip by a pond… and when the painting, historically thought to be a painting of six nude women bathing by a pond, is magnified by the digital eye…
…… actually was 5 guys and a rock!
In other words, a new world was discovered when art invisible to the naked eye was viewed using digital technology.
This kind of generalization of technology provides clues to the still unknown microscopic world, such as the structure of the body and the identity of viruses. Just as the discovery of the microscope helped us discover the structure of the universe, I believe that the microscopic world holds infinite possibilities.
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