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Speedy Books (Publisher: Koryosha Shoten) launches “2022: Restarting Society” (Author: Chiaki Ito) at bookstores nationwide.


Today, October 18, 2021, Speedy Books (published by Koryosha Shoten) launches “2022: Society Rebooted” at bookstores nationwide, Kindle edition available!
2022: Society Rebooted Author : Chiaki Ito
Mr. Ito is the founder of Fujitsu of the U.S.A., which was running the largest deficit in the world (10 billion yen per year!). He is the manager who, through unthinkable innovative thinking, turned the company around.
This book does not simply describe a success story, but also describes the laws of success that can be found in the Corona Disaster, where the “future can be seen from what has already happened”.
These insights are probably derived from the author’s extensive overseas experience and unique perspective as a business manager.
From the pre-order stage, the company was ranked third in Amazon’s International Business category. Amazon’s AI algorithm is based on an overall evaluation of the author’s online traffic and the “modernity” of the content.
Please refer to the “Table of Contents” below. You’ll want to read it!
chapter one
What is happening in 2022
Pharmaceutical Industry 2.0 – “KAIZEN” by Pfizer
The Day Japan Wins the Semiconductor War
Paving the way for the future of medicine, Jack Ma
Breaking the Barriers to e-Government – The End of the Fight Against Vested Interests
Minimum Wage Will Be Raised – What is the Post-Corona Bubble?
The Future of the Decarbonization Issue – Carbon Dioxide as an International Currency
The Automotive Industry’s Test by EV Conversion
Escape from the Gender Gap
The casino industry
Real Estate Market Continues to Boom
Toward the age of 100 million non-alcoholic beverages
The post Being Tolerant: What I Learned in Corona
Chapter 2
A world that saw the future
Germany’s national strategy Industrie 4.0 – Germany’s goods exports to 40% of GDP
Khan Academy’s Elite Education with 1.6 billion views on You Tube
Early, open online education in the U.K.
Discerning entrepreneurial investors set their sights on Africa.
Declining Advertising, Increasing Profits New York Times
Nobuo Domae, who saved apparel from the nightmare of massive inventories.
The future of travel is changing with technology
Save the Food Crisis – Silicon Valley Moves Quickly
Japanese glasses sold well in China.
Chapter Three.
Japan Left Behind by the World
2020 at the mercy of Corona
Japan has been working in a wasteful manner.
Challenges Japanese Companies and Managers Must Overcome
Pitfalls of a public that wants to hide personal information
The “festival” was taken away.
The Swamp of Deflationary Business
Medical Issues Revealed
Our Tasks
~ Only paranoia survives
◆ Reference
Chiaki Ito blog, “Published my first book,” October 3, 2021