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Speedy Farm: infused baobab tea: ….

I am trying to taste more baobab tea, a superfood.
I not only roasted the leaves, but also ground them in a mill to make matcha.
When I dissolved it in hot water, it instantly became “thicker”!
This is mucin, a mixture of mucopolysaccharide protein and glycoprotein, found in yam, okra, natto, etc.
The “muco” in mucopolysaccharide protein is Latin for “animal mucus. It has water-holding capacity that connects cells to cells, and is an excellent protector of gastric mucosa!
And I drank it!
It tastes so bad!🍵
I mixed some shikwasha with it, but hopelessly wrong!
In a way, it was good to have a clear direction.
Baobab tea, infused! Above.