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Speedy Farm: Securing a Water Source

Speedy Farm
Farm 4 is located in the neighborhood of a sacred site selected as one of the 100 best waters in Japan. A geological survey was conducted beforehand and a full-scale water source was dug.
Specialized contractors carefully dig 1.2 meters into the ground.
On the first day, we dug to about 7m, but it was limestone from 1.2m to 7m. Not a drop of water came out.
On the second and final day, we dug up to 11 meters, through the bedrock and into the clay layer. In other words, no water source layer was found.
So much for this vendor’s equipment.
Thanks for the two days of hard work!
Now, the strategy going forward is at ….
We’ll just have to dig until we get a hot spring.♨️
I’m not giving up!
That’s all from the field.😭