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Speedy Resorts: Go to God’s Island (Kutaka Island) right in front of Spirizo

I visited Kutaka Island, the island of the gods, for the first time in a year.
May Sonoda invited me to come and make soybean milk miso with the mineral-rich air of Kutaka Island. The wonderful soil, water, and air are also the roots of all the vegetables in Okinawa.
Kutaka Island is a sacred island where the female deity Amamikyo descended. Even today, there are many places where only women are allowed. Even people from the main island of Okinawa are not allowed to bring back even a single grain of sand.
This time, we were guided by Takao Nishime, who smokes sea snakes, farms, and makes sataa andagi (fried sweet bread) on Kutaka Island. Mr. Takao Nishime is a very curious person who sells vegetables online from Kutaka Island, where communication is poor.
Worship at two places of worship. One is called Brazil, and it is said that the end of its deep cave leads to Brazil. The other has a cave through which a dragon passes on a beast path, which is said to lead to the Dragon’s Palace.
We also went to “Habyan,” a promontory at the tip of the island, where we were able to see for the first time the place where Amamikyo descends twice a year. The rocks are marked in blue. This is a sacred place where people are not allowed to enter during the period when the god descends.
I think these fantasies make Kutaka Island a more sacred place.
Thanks for a great experience!