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Starting today, it is being held at Shibuya PARCO! NON “Ribbon Exhibition” – Creepy, cute things.

Starting today, it’s at Shibuya PARCO!
There are many one-of-a-kind and edition pieces that we dare not list here that you can buy!
We also have two types of bonsai ribbons, large and small, which are a series of trees and ribbons that were the talk of the town at the recent Yanbaru Art Festival. (Order by phone)
NON “Ribbon Exhibition” – Creepy, cute things.
Title: Non Ribbon Exhibition – Creepy, Cute Things.
Dates: Friday, March 4 – Monday, March 14, 2022
And on that note, let’s go see “Ribbon” at the theater!
Please check here for screening theaters.
Now, I hope your weekend is all about Ribbon!