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Talked Talk 【Editing the World: How Editors and Managers Update Their Work 】 (Part 1) Shinsuke Tsutsumi, former editor-in-chief of Foresight magazine, and Jun Fukuda, brand consultant

We invited Shinsuke Tsutsumi, an advisor to Speedy and a TV commentator, to give a talk.

I am always filled with intellectual excitement when I talk with Mr. Tsutsumi. I would be happy if I could share that excitement with you in this dialogue.

It includes a lot of clues about the tense world situation.

Talked dialogue 【Editing the World: The Art of Updating Editors and Managers 】 (Part 1)

Shinsuke Tsutsumi, former editor-in-chief of Foresight, an international information magazine x Jun Fukuda, brand consultant

Text version http://talked.jp/133/
Video version https://youtu.be/2TchSzpZN04

Tsutsumi: “After all, it is simply a matter of always being aware that if you leave things alone, you are getting older and older. Updating is like swimming up a rapids as fast as you can. Even if you swim as hard as you can in the torrent, it is difficult to move smoothly upstream, and sometimes you can only stay at the same point. I have the sense that I want to move forward every day, even if it is only by 5 mm. If we don’t do that, we will not be able to make updates.
However, that does not mean that we should just look at everything at our leisure. You have to be selective about what you watch and read. Or we have to select the people we meet.”

Editing and composition: Junko Io
Photo: Yukiko Koshima
Date: September 10, 2021