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Why you should come to southern Okinawa.

Why you should come to southern Okinawa.
It is close to the airport, and one can dive right into the ocean without tourists.
It is closer to come to Okinawa by plane in 2.5 hours than to go to beautiful sea like Shimoda and Nishi Izu from Tokyo.
And Nanjo is dotted with crystal clear beaches. Hyakumei Beach and Niihara Beach, located right in front of Speedy Resorts, are a 5-minute walk away. For skin diving, Daito Beach (commonly known as John Man Beach) is a 20-minute drive.
When you come, John Mann immediately. Many colorful fish are waiting for you. It’s a time to feel the heartbeat of the earth. It lowers the concentration of feelings raised in the city. It reminds us that we are a part of living things.
Oh, that feels good…