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Learning from Okinawa: Typhoons and the Use of Bananas

Thanks to Okinawa’s abundant nature, the temperature never exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, even when it is 35 or 38 degrees in Kanto.
However, there have been some unprecedented unusual weather events, such as 70 consecutive days of rain, and yesterday, “A typhoon just formed in a neighborhood in Okinawa!” and other unprecedented phenomena.
All of this is probably happening from rising sea water temperatures.
I heard about this yesterday from a professional Okinawan farmer. He said that due to frequent typhoons, banana trees are falling down before they can grow. So, they are developing banana processing technology to eat even the young fruit, and extracting high quality natural fiber from banana stems and leaves.
Two banana trees at Speedy Farm were also down, but they were quickly braced and fixed.
Speedy Resorts will also use hurricane fabric (the netting is designed as a crucible to reduce wind), which was developed in the United States to neutralize typhoon winds.
The question is how Okinawa can fight and coexist with typhoons in the future.
To survive in a world of extreme weather, mankind has to go through many hardships, but this beautiful sunset makes me want to make a truce with nature for a while.
P.S. The swing on the roof of this rental house has a great view and looks great. Let me copy you in Sprizzo, Mr. Ohama!

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