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Southern Okinawa : An adult beach with picturesque sunsets by Turner

No weather forecast is right for Tamagusuku (玉城) in Nanjo, Okinawa, with Kutaka Island in front of it. Even if it rains in Naha, it is sunny in Tamagusuku.
In the summer, squalls are as frequent as in Hawaii, with downpours followed by pecans.
When there is a fierce squall in the morning, the humidity reaches 90% by 7:00 a.m., and walking through the trees becomes like walking in a jungle. Cicadas, lizards and hermit crabs begin to move energetically.
At sunrise, just after 5:00 a.m., the birds sing in unison in synchronization, and the world suddenly switches from darkness to light.
Dusk is around seven o’clock. The sun never sets over the Tamaki Sea. Like Turner’s painting, the clouds illuminated by the afterglow become a beautiful yellow to pink.
Tamaki is the place for long term sunrises. If it’s sunset that travelers are looking for, go to the West Coast. But the sunset is only dazzling, and you can’t enjoy the day-biting Turner clouds like you can in Tamaki.
Tamaki is an adult ocean overlooking the Pacific Ocean.