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It’s hot. …. It’s really hot. It’s so hot that I feel like I’m going to melt. This week, 35 degrees is normal in Tokyo, and on the asphalt in Ginza, it’s about 40 degrees.
The government is saying, “Save power while cooling down to avoid heat stroke!” and the energy policy is revealing nothing but a sense of limbo.
In August, electricity rates are scheduled to increase for the second time this year. Thermal power plants that had been shut down will also begin operating. As electricity prices rise, prices will rise even more, which will have a negative impact on the economy this year.
April 7. There was an earthquake of magnitude 6 off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture, which caused a power outage in Tokyo. Based on that incident, the Los Angeles Times ran an article titled “Japan Loses Chance to Be a Hero. The article stated that Germany and other European countries are running out of fossil fuels to buy because of the Ukrainian conflict, which has cut off energy sources from Russia. If Japan restarted its 18 nuclear reactors, it could become the world’s second largest purchaser of fossil fuels (after the U.S., Japan, and South Korea) and hand them over to Europe, making Japan a hero. I see, so that’s how the world sees it.
I can understand the crisis of human existence due to long-term global warming, but how can we come to terms with a situation where we are putting the lives of the elderly and everyone else at risk due to short-term power shortages….
The government is responsible for the nuclear accident in Fukushima, which has been left untouched (11 years have passed…). The government bears a heavy responsibility for continuing to leave the Fukushima nuclear accident unchecked (11 years have passed…). The response, far from “perfect control” as former Prime Minister Abe put it, has increased the public’s distrust of nuclear power plants. But now that the unforeseen has happened, shouldn’t new, strict rules be enacted that everyone can agree on, rather than hiding the true nature of the problem? Even if renewables continue to increase at this rate, it is unlikely that they will be able to provide for the widespread use of EVs and the enormous demand for many electric power products. It could be 40+ degrees in the summer before that happens. As depicted in the novel “The MInistry for the Future,” a heat wave could kill many people. In France, where air conditioning is not widely used, temperatures of 40°C or higher were observed for eight consecutive days in early August 2003, and more than 14,800 people, mostly elderly people aged 75 and over, died as a result of this heat wave. The gap between the future of humanity and the reality we are in now must be bridged.
We have no choice but to restart nuclear power plants. It is time to gather everyone’s wisdom based on the failures and conduct a properly managed operation. In France, nuclear power generation accounts for 70.1% of the total.
In addition, the development of safe nuclear power plants based on nuclear fusion is underway worldwide. Bill Gates, Jeff Besos and others are investing tens of billions of dollars in fusion ventures. Fusion does not have the current fission-based proliferation of radioactivity.
By living with an interest in these new technologies, we may see a future we never thought possible. I couldn’t imagine watching the world on CNN at the same time until the multi-channel system started. I never thought it would be so easy to share my opinions with the world until the Internet came along. I never thought I would be able to transfer money without going to the bank until I had a smart phone.
People and companies may seem to be able to see ahead, but in fact it may be as if they cannot. Therefore, I believe that we, as the parties involved in the unnerving heat, should think about how to improve the situation.
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