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Plant Hunter Seijun Nishibatake’s Choice of Plant Exploration Sundays

I came to Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture, where “Sora Botanical Garden” is located, to visit our ally, Mr. Seijun Nishibatake! Thanks for going out of your way to open your busy Sunday!💕
I came here to look for new seedlings and trees for Speedy Farm in Okinawa, and every time I come back, I find fresh surprises and discoveries.
Palm Springs and Joshua Tree, which we casually talk about in our Los Angeles real estate deals, are also plant names when you think about it! When I actually saw Joshua Tree, I was strangely impressed.
Mr. Seijun Nishibatake calls himself a plant hunter who collects unique plants from all over the world. His love of plants is so great that he is writing about cities and buildings in my new book to be released in August, all of which are based on the premise of how to live in harmony with the earth and how to satisfy human beings as living organisms. In other words, rather than living in symbiosis with plants, humans can only live on land that plants allow.
Once again, I wanted to make Speedy Farm a unique farm. I hope its farm products will enrich mankind.
To do that, I need the full support of Mr. Seijun Nishibatake, and I really appreciate you being my friend for so many years!💫
It was a fun Sunday!

Speedy Farm For Farming
Olives (mature trees to some extent, try various varieties that bear fruit)
Strawberry guava (I’m checking to see if I can get the right size tree)

For Speedy Resorts Resorts
Dates (date palm) →Symbol tree
Yucca elephantipes (Joshua tree sibling)
Tropical Plants
Japanese cycad (Cycadophora japonica)
Agave Huntington Blue
Phoenix lobelenii (crooked palm)