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Speedy Farm (No. 4 Kakihana Higawa): Western-style gate installation as presentation

Speedy Farm (4th Kakihana Higawa)
I have been building a sign gate for the past few days. I wanted to erect a cacho sign that would look like something out of a western movie. They cut out the letters and designed them well. The wire mesh that supports the font will be painted the same blue as the sky, which should give it a floating effect.
Currently, there are 5 farmlands, the first of which is Speedy Farm (1st Osato), and this is the second. 2, 3, and 5 are in storage or in greenhouses, so there are no plans for signs.
The reason for putting up gates and signs on farmland is not only to attract visitors, but also to present (brand) to the neighborhood and the world, “We’re Farming Here! It is also a way of presenting (branding) to the neighbors and to the world.
The look of the farmland is usually the same, and when you visit, there is no excitement because there is no art like in a gallery, and the crops that are planted are grown from seedlings or simply look like trees. (Of course, when the crops are ready to be picked, you can taste them…)
Therefore, we thought it would be conspicuous if there was a gate that said “ta-da! The presence or absence of a visual point is important. In the age of social networking, farmers must have good marketing sense as well as good products.
He believes that branding of farm products should begin with showing the face of the farm and the farmers who work there.
P.S.: It ended up taking two days to erect the gate. On the first day, the gate posts were so heavy that the yumbo lost its balance and one of the posts broke.
On the second day, the gate was successfully raised, leveled, and temporarily erected by the mastery of the jumbo. We could not have done it without the help of so many people! Thanks a lot.
There are still some issues to be addressed, such as the installation of a retractable door, but for now, here’s a quick progress report!
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