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Los Angeles Miscellaneous September 16, 2022

Los Angeles Miscellaneous
It really feels liberating.
Los Angeles has none of Tokyo’s sense of stagnation (masked police-like disciplined society).
The “individual,” horribly stripped bare, is the main actor in society. So the convergence of coronas, or more accurately, the sense of convergence based on individual moods rather than national or state decisions, is divisive and a thing of the past. It’s a minor illness, even if it happens, no problem!” It’s a wonderful feeling.
People are halfway “motivated”. When a problem arises that makes you wonder, “Can we really do this? When a problem arises, in Tokyo, we discuss it in great detail, take time to consider risk factors, and before we know it, it is out of season. In Tokyo, I can often win in business because I can do everything quickly and without spending a lot of time. That is why it is easy to do business in Tokyo.
In Los Angeles, many people are intuitive, “I’ll do it when I feel like it,” so the results, whether success or failure, are quick. They say, “I can do it.” And then they say, “I can do it. And in reality, they can’t do it that well (laugh), which is also good. There are no critics who say, “Don’t say that if you can’t do it,” and they just say, “I tried, but I couldn’t do it.
It’s Japan if you want to take the time to carefully study and succeed, but it’s Los Angeles if you want to try it out and see the possibilities quickly. Both have their good points and bad points.
I want to do it by incorporating the best of both worlds. If it doesn’t work, I’ll think about it carefully and redo it. Again and again.