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I’m Producing Mickey Curtis’ First Art Exhibition! Jun Fukuda

I’m producing Mickey Curtis’ first art exhibition!

The cute pictures that are so popular on Instagram are even better in person. The exhibit will be full of creativity, from animals to creative creatures. We’ll show you about all 300 paintings!

◆Opening Reception Party
Saturday, October 1 from 5-7pm.
Any friend of Fukuda’s is free to join. Wine and beer will be chilled and waiting for you.
And, to our surprise, the artist himself will be in the gallery after his triumphant return from Thailand.
By all means, feel free to come visit!

Urban Resort Daikanyama 1F, 1-3-12, Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Mickey Curtis, a versatile musician and actor, painted his first picture at the age of 77.
Since then, he has been painting many cute and unique pictures every day without a break for seven years.
His popularity has been sparked by Instagram, and now he will hold his first major solo exhibition. Approximately 300 of his handwritten paintings will be exhibited and sold.

Mickey Curtis’s works are drawn with colorful and tasteful lines. Animals with human-like expressions are characteristic of his work. This exhibition will showcase all of his paintings, which are evolving day by day. Mickey, who used to live in Thailand, will also be present in Tokyo Daikanyama during the exhibition period.
Don’t miss the trail of artist Mickey Curtis.

◆Outline of the event
Exhibition Title: Mickey Curtis Art Exhibition
Artist: Mickey Curtis
Date & Time: October 1 (Sat) – 9 (Sun), 10:00 – 19:00 (until 17:00 on the last day, October 9)
Urban Resort Daikanyama 1F, 1-3-12, Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Organized by Speedy Gallery, Inc.
Works to be exhibited in the museum are available for purchase. Works will be handed over on the spot on the day of the exhibition.
This exhibition will end as soon as all the pieces have been sold. Please note that this exhibition will end when all the exhibits are sold.

◆Artist Profile
Date of birth: July 23, 1938 (age 84)
His paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather were British. He spent his childhood in Shanghai, where he was evacuated.
As a teenager, he attended the Japan Jazz School, headed by Teev Kamaharan.
After consoling wounded U.S. soldiers and touring Occupation Forces base camps
In 1958, he caused an explosive boom as three rockabilly men in the first “Nichigeki Western Carnival.
In the same year, he also made his debut as an actor in the movie “All About Marriage”.
He appeared in numerous films.
In 1966, he formed “Bangers” in Asia. He later formed “Mickey Curtis & Samurai” and
In Europe
In addition to live performances, he was at the forefront of the music scene at the time, producing records locally.
After returning to Japan in 1970, he became the “first” music producer in Japan, and later introduced Garo and Carol to the world.
In 1996, he won the 69th Kinema Junpo Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in KAMIKAZE TAXI.
He also performed rakugo as rakugo storyteller “Mickey Tei Curtis” at the Tachikawa Ichimonkai as a shin-dachi.
He is a man of many faces. His influence on the Japanese entertainment industry is immeasurable, and his foot
The trail is surely the first autobiography book “Me to Sengen to Ongaku to (Me, War, Music, and)” (published by Aki Shobo), which was released on January 10, 2012.
The company is able to
He speaks five languages (English, French, German, Thai, Italian), plays the harmonica, shoots, races cars, motorcycles, and speaks English.
His interests range from space research to metal carving to beekeeping.

Mickey Curtis.

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