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Speedy Farm Okinawa : Mangoes

Speedy Farm Okinawa
I have a farm in Okinawa and have always wanted to grow mangoes.
But it takes seven years to grow a mango from scratch and bear fruit. I can’t wait that long.
Then, the only way was to acquire a mango orchard. I asked around in Hobo. I learned a lot from agricultural consultants. The conclusion. All mango farmers in Okinawa are making money. That is why no one will give them away.
Many farmers also use pesticides to produce sweet fruit. If they can’t grow without pesticides, they can’t do it because it is against Speedy Farm’s policy.
And. I finally arrived at Mr. Ryuichi Gushiken of Ryukyu Landscaping in Uruma City. He was a man with a lot of passion.
Plants have no legs. They cannot move by themselves. That’s why we have to carefully nurture them. Don’t forget these basics,” he told us.
Ryukyu Zoetsuen” has many varieties of mangoes. They include “Irwin,” “Keats,” “Kinmitsu,” and “Kinko’s.” What is important is whether the grafting is based on a historically superior mother tree. Some of them take 20 years to graft and grow from the mother tree. So, they are sure to produce sweet fruits if they are grown properly.
Next, a perfect greenhouse would be needed to prevent ants and other outside sources from carrying in poisons and bacteria. This construction would take several months. We must also decide on the staff to be placed in the greenhouses and keep them sterile. We are going to grow our precious mango trees.
I’m sure they’ll bear fruit next summer, so stay tuned!

Keitaro Takeda, Naomi Inoue, et al. 167