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Notice: Open Lecture at University of the Ryukyus on April 27, 2023! (Jun Fukuda)

Meeting with Dr. Masashi Arakawa at the Wellness Institute of Ryukyu University.
I’ll be doing a public lecture on April 27, 2023! I’m thinking about talking about startups, but there’s still a while to go, so I’ll have to mull it over.
The startups nowadays raise money for the business concept, so the founder’s equity in a successful startup is lower and the pipot is not easy. I recommend the amoeba method of startups.
The opposite of a PowerPoint startup (where no actual business is generated and only a plan is used to solicit funds), we go as small as we can with our own funds. So we don’t have to be at the mercy of VCs, and we can evolve as we iterate through the necessary pipots. Once we can see a profit at the smallest scale, we will either seek investment or buy out.
I have only done it this way. It was Mr. Banjiro Uemura of Tohoku Shinsha who taught me this method. I believe that the probability of success is higher by accumulating businesses that can be accomplished in 100 days than by setting big goals that will take several years to achieve.
Well, but in the end it depends on the person, although watching the TV drama “Super Punto / Uber – The Man Who Created a Disruptive Business” (U-NEXT) about the success and downfall of Uber’s founder Travis Kalanick, I thought that if you have this much guts, you can do it any way you want.🤣