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Entertainment in the future: In realizing your dreams, your biggest client is yourself.

I think carefully about the true essence of the entertainment business.
The work undoubtedly enriches people’s lives and delivers happiness.
In the post-COVID-19 era, the ability to broadcast and transmit one’s talent will be even more important.
In this sense, NON is incredibly talented. She is also a fit for the times.
Unable to hold live performances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she started holding online performances. When stage appearances were canceled for the same reason, she produced a film of her own accord. At home, she also paints.
Information transmission = creativity.
Some old-fashioned entertainment agencies still prohibit romance or social media use. But will people find attraction in such personalities that cannot even enjoy ordinary lifestyles? If the job of such personalities is to sell dreams, then they should be “rich in passion.”
Those who wait around for work to come are no from the average office worker waiting for instructions. It is important to promote and transmit yourself. Do what you want to do. Love, travel, social media—one should do what one wants to do when one wants to do it.
I understand people thinking that they cannot change society, but if one wishes to do so, one can begin by changing oneself.
This change can happen little by little.
At least in my case, I have tried to move boulders this way. If others resonate with my solo attempt, then the boulder will move even further.
When these efforts spread to others, the boulder will move more swiftly than you might imagine.
In the end, in realizing your dreams, your biggest client is yourself.