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Speedy Farm : Baobab is a superfood!

Speedy Farm is researching the “baobab,” made famous in “The Prince of Persia,” as a superfood.
Baobab, one of the oldest angiosperms on earth, is found in tropical and subtropical regions such as Africa and Australia, and is known for its beauty and health benefits. It is said to be effective.
The trunk of a baobab tree can store up to 10 tons of water. Its fruit and oil are used as a valuable resource. The fruit and oil are packed with active ingredients that protect humans from all kinds of harm.
The easiest way is to roast the leaves and drink them as a tea. To try it out, I drank it in six different patterns.
Add dried leaves to boiling water and drink; boil for 10 minutes and drink. Drink again the next day. Boil again for 10 minutes. Boil for a third time. Let it cool down and drink.
My best is to boil it for 10 minutes and drink it cooled the next day. It is thick and easy to drink.
The main benefits of baobab are…
(1) Anti-aging effect!
It contains high levels of antioxidants, namely polyphenols and vitamin C.
This is characterized by the fact that it does not oxidize the body and does not allow the body to rust.
(2) Expel toxins!
It has eight times more soluble fiber than burdock root. It holds in water and slows the absorption of sugar and cholesterol contained in it from the intestines.
This prevents a rapid rise in blood glucose levels after eating, and also helps prevent arteriosclerosis and other diseases.
(3) Superfoods at their finest!
Vitamin C is 3 times that of lemon, calcium is 3 times that of milk, dietary fiber is 8 times that of burdock root, iron is 4 times that of molokheiya, and polyphenols are 4 times that of cranberry. It is more than twice as high.
Once again, we asked the Japan Food Analysis Center to analyze the ingredients of Speedy Farm’s baobab leaves. We will conduct a full-scale “blood glucose level rise inhibition test using mice.
To measure the effect of baobab leaves on the inhibition of elevated blood glucose levels in mice administered baobab leaves.
Possible ingredients include dietary fiber and polyphenols.
Dietary fiber generally slows the absorption of sugar, and polyphenols are known to inhibit the activity of enzymes that break down sugar.
I look forward to the results, as baobab is the trump card for longevity.
Then, little by little, they proceeded to produce and sell baobab tea.
◆ Reference
Here are the details
Test for suppression of elevated blood glucose levels in mice
Test animal: ICR male mice
Sample: Baobab leaf powder
Groups: high-dose group (high sample dose + starch), low-dose group (low sample dose + starch), and control group (starch only)
Number of animals: 6 per group
○Sample dosage: 2 g/kg as a high dose (at the rate of 100 g ingested by a 50 kg person)
         As a low dose, the expected single food intake (g/kg)
○Sugar loading dose: 2 g/kg for each group
○ Blood glucose measurement points: pre-dose, 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes post-dose
Test period: Approximately 1.5 months
Sample requirement: 15g