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Notice from NON regarding her participation as a torchbearer at Kuji, Iwate Prefecture

NON was originally slated to participate as a torchbearer of the torch relay at Kuji, Iwate Prefecture. However, in view of the current COVID-19 situation and the extension of the state of emergency in many areas, NON has decided to withdraw her participation following consultation with Kuji City Hall. Please see below for a comment from NON.

■Comment from NON

I would like to make an announcement.

I had hoped to participate in the torch relay at Kuji, Iwate Prefecture, and share my enthusiasm with everyone in Iwate and all across Japan.

Unfortunately, in light of the extension of the state of emergency declared in Tokyo, where I live, and in other areas as a result of the recent spread of COVID-19 mutant variants, I have decided to withdraw my participation after much consideration and consultation with the representatives of Kuji City Hall.

Until now, my original intention was to participate as a torchbearer in Iwate Prefecture, which is my second home, as a means of helping everyone take on the challenges they are facing at the moment. However, given the present circumstances, I would not want to cause everyone further anxiety and concern by going to Iwate.

I would like to apologize to everyone in Kuji who has continued to do their very best to coordinate with me, as well as to everyone who had been looking forward to my participation. I was really looking forward to running in my beloved Kuji as well, so this was not an easy decision. I appreciate your understanding regarding this matter.

I hope to visit Kuji once COVID-19 has been contained and bring joy to all of you again.

I sincerely pray for the safety and success of all torchbearers participating in the torch relay in Kuji.