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“NON” on the Cover of AERA! 4 Page Gurabia Photos &Interview! Photographer: Mika Ninagawa


“NON” on the cover of  AERA Magazine!
4-page gurabia photoshoot & interview!Photographer: Mika Ninagawa

“Anger, My Favorite Emotion, is Easy to Turn into the Same Energy as “I”m Hungry!””

NON’s “#Minna no Heyaju” project is expanding via Twitter and Youtube. In order to get rid of the dark, gloomy mood caused by COVID-19, the photoshoot took place on a bright, cheerful blue set. Not only is “NON” an actress, she is a voice actress for the film “In This Corner of the World,” a film director, and a musician. In “#Minna no Heyaju,” music and art gives us power now more than ever.

To the question, “What is the driving force for your activities?”, “NON” doesn’t reply with “happiness” or “sadness.” She says her favorite emotion is anger.  In her words, she explains how anger is like saying, “I’m hungry!” and it’s healthy to change the energy into the feeling.  In this 4-page interview and photo spread, you can feel her energy coming out from the pages.

May 18th, 2020 enlarged issue (Available for purchase from May 11th)