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Watch Leena Lee Perform Online Theatre “Atami Murder Case” with the Latest Glasses-Type Display!

Kouhei Tsuka’s representative drama “Atami Satsujin Jiken” (Atami Murder Case) is being performed again in an online theatre performance with Leena Lee as one of the star performers.

Just when I thought you couldn’t see the performance more realistically, I learned about this glasses-type display that projects directly on the retina.

This retina-scanning laser eyewear “RETISSA Display” was developed by QD Laser and was established in 2006 as a spin-off venture from Fujitsu, based on joint development between Fujitsu Laboratories and the University of Tokyo through industry-academia collaboration for over 10 years.

This is more instense than your simple display. However, since it still only works in one eye at a time, full commercialization in the future is desired.

This performance brings you back to the time of the bubble era.  Leena’s shined during her performance.

Play: “Atami Satsujin Jiken〜The Longest Spring〜”

Work:Kohei Tsuka
Production:Yoshiharu Takeda
Performers:Atsunori Akatsuka, Leena Lee,  Hiroyuki Ōno, Toshiyuki Fuse

Performance Period: July 29th (Wed) to August 2nd (Sun)
Location:  Otsuka Yorozu
Net Streaming:  ¥2,000 (w/ tax)
→All stages are streamed in real time.