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Distance – Physical and Psychological Artist: MASAKO


Many customers came to the opening party!
Some of them were moved to tears, and I realized that art has power here.
Since my gallery is located in the historic art district, where 20 galleries are crammed together, other galleries also have Saturday openings that are really exciting.
The reaction of the customers is, “This is art!” or “This art has an energy that you don’t find in L.A.! I was surprised at the number of people who appreciated the event.
Once again, I was keenly aware that art is necessary for society and that its role will increase, especially after covid.
Distance – Physical and Psychological
Artist: MASAKO
Term: April 2nd to May 28th, 2022 (Tues -Sat 10am-6pm)
Speedy Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA, 90404
(B5B in Bergamot Station Arts Center)