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多摩美術大学クリエイティブ リーダーシップ プログラム(TCL)に登壇!

多摩美術大学クリエイティブ リーダーシップ プログラム(TCL)に登壇させてもらった。
I was invited to speak at the Tama Art University Creative Leadership Program (TCL).
On the weekend, everyone who is active on the front lines of business gathered for a group discussion after the lecture and to answer questions from the audience. It was inspiring as well.
Learning, helping others, and thinking: I believe that what humans will do in the future with the development of AI and robotics can be summed up in these three areas.
This is the kind of place that brings out the potential of what human beings are meant to do. Universities should offer programs that get intellectual excitement to all who seek to learn.
TCL is doing a wonderful job.