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Speedy Gallery Los Angeles : “Portraits of Absence II” by Kei Sugiyama


タイトル : “Portraits of Absence” (第2弾)
アーティスト: 杉山佳
日時: 2024年2月24日16:00-18:00
場所: Speedy Gallery Los Angeles
2525 Michigan Ave. B5B. Santa Monica, CA, 90404

[不在の肖像] シリーズ第1回目は、杉山圭が生まれ育った奈良の豊かな歴史について掘り下げた。奈良は世界最古の都市のひとつであり、8世紀には日本の中心的な役割を果たし、有名な寺院や芸術作品を誇った。第1部の杉山圭の作品は、「涅槃」をテーマに、仏教絵画を思わせる空の椅子を描いた。人影がないことで、その空間の潜在的な住人についての思索が促され、かつてその空白を埋めていたかもしれない人々についての内省が促された。

不在の肖像 II:

Speedy Gallery will be holding another solo exhibition in Los Angeles.
Speedy Gallery is excited to announce the second part of artist @sushiyama_kei’s exhibition series, “Portraits of Absence.”
Please join us for the opening on February 24th, 2024, from 4:00 – 6:00 PM to continue exploring the profound influences of Nara, Japan, in Kei’s artistic world.

Portraits of Absence:
The inaugural part of the series delved into the rich history of Nara, Japan, where Kei Sugiyama was born and raised. Nara, as one of the oldest cities globally, played a pivotal role in Japan during the 8th century, boasting renowned temples and artworks. Kei’s artwork in the first part focused on the central theme of “Nirvana,” portraying empty chairs reminiscent of Buddhist paintings. The absence of figures prompted contemplation about the potential occupants of the space and encouraged reflection on those who might have once filled that void.

Portraits of Absence II:
Building upon the success and contemplative nature of the first part, “Portraits of Absence II” delves deeper into Kei Sugiyama’s exploration of absence as a powerful expression of vacancy.