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The Interesting Life of the Inventor of PCR, Kary Mullis

Even if you know the word, PCR, I bet you don’t know the inventor.

That day in 1980, on his way to pick up his girlfriend in his Civic in the middle of the night, Kary Mullis (1944-2019 unfortunately passed away last year at 74) suddenly thought up the principle of PCR. He stopped He left her alone, stopping his car and writing it down. This led to being dumped later lol.

By the way, Mullis has been married 4 times and be arrested for possession and usage of LSDs.

Apparently, Mullis’ idea of PCR was all too sudden so no one paid him any attention for awhile. By the way, PCR is A new method to copy large amount of DNA.

Publications “NATURE” and “SCIENCE” also refused his paper summarizing the method.
It was too unrecognized by the great discoveries of the century, so he sold the rights to the company he worked at “Cetus Corporation” for a low price which was his life long regret.

However, despite this, he won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1993, age 49)!

He was a surfer in California (La Jolla) with woman and drug problems, but when reading his biography, he talked about his encounter with an alien, calling the Japanese empress “Sweetie”, battling with a poisonous spider, the OJ Simpson case, etc., making you think he lived live to the fullest.

He also criticized Robert Gallo (National Institutes of Health, USA) saying HIV isn’t the cause of AIDS and scientifically challenged, Molino, the discoverer of the ozone hole,  many times and said that there was no basis for global warming. I think it’s important to question scientific points of view that people assume to be obvious.

“The future of the Earth has got nothing to do with the creatures that live clustered along the shores of its great bodies of water. We are just here for the ride. And the ride is not smooth. It never has been smooth.”

I really think so.

For those interested, read his book below.
Dancing Naked In The Mind Field