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I will be speaking at “Interop Tokyo” (Makuhari Messe)! “The Dawn of the Ownership Economy Era” ~The Contents Distribution Revolution brought about by NFTs/Speaker: Brand Consultant/Speedy Co., Ltd. CEO & President Atsushi Fukuda

I will be speaking at “Interop Tokyo” (Makuhari Messe) today at 1:30 P.M.! However, I will only be appearing online through the 300-inch monitor. (Sorry for appearing larger than I am (lol). This session will not be live-streamed, so please come and see me at the venue!)


“The Dawn of the Ownership Economy Era”

~The Contents Distribution Revolution initiated by NFTs


Brand Consultant/Speedy Co., Ltd. CEO & President  Atsushi Fukuda


Yasuji Eguchi Office LLC Representative

Yasuji Eguchi


Atsushi Fukuda’s comment “March 11, 2021. At the historic Christie’s auction, an artwork by the relatively unknown artist BEEPLE was sold for 7.5 billion yen. It appears that money from all over the world that has become stuck because of the COVID-19 pandemic is flowing into not only stocks and real estate but also cryptocurrency.

Many believe that this crypto art bubble will pop sooner or later, but let’s consider what cryptocurrency, which has endured countless trials and errors, will gain from this boom.

With the hot topic being the trading of the likes of fiat currency to digital art which is more or less real, the IT industry is forced to see the future of the token economy in a new light.

Most traditional artists may only view it as a new trend in media art, but that could not be further from the truth. Rather than just the trade of one-of-a-kind articles like art, NFT is set to transform business models that are based on copied media such as games and music.

Token holders no longer require apps to sell their content online. They also get easier access to their fan community. Tokens are the passport to the new world (metaverse). I will be talking about the possibilities of this new and exciting world.”