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We will be speaking at “Interop Tokyo” (Makuhari Messe)! Ownership Economy Era has Arrived” – NFT brings about content distribution revolution / Speaker: Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant / President & CEO, Speedy, Inc.

I’ll be speaking at Interop Tokyo (Makuhari Messe) today at 1:30 p.m.!
However, I will be speaking online on a 300-inch monitor. (Sorry it’s bigger than it is, and this session will not be livestreamed, so see you there!)

The age of the ownership economy has arrived.”
〜˜NFT will bring about a revolution in content distribution
Brand Consultant / President, Speedy Inc.
Jun Fukuda

Representative Partner, Eguchi Yasushiji Office
Yasushi Eguchi

Jun Fukuda comments, “March 11, 2021. A nearly unknown BEEPLE piece sold for 7.5 billion yen at the historic Christie’s auction. I wonder if the money from all over the world that lost its way due to Corona was not enough for stocks and real estate, but reached the virtual currency industry.

This cryptoart bubble is expected to burst sooner rather than later, but after so many failed attempts, we would like to consider what virtual currencies can gain from this boom.

From the perspective of the IT industry, the fact that the topic has moved from trading in money itself to digital art, which is somewhat closer to reality, would have reaffirmed the promise of the token economy.

For those in the traditional art industry, a new fad in media art? Many people are aware of this to a degree, but this is not the case at all. Rather than a one-of-a-kind object like art, NFT is a business model based on the premise of copying, like games and music, that is becoming very difficult.

The web, from the token holder’s point of view, will not even need APP. Access to fan communities becomes easy. Tokens are the passport to a new world (metaverse). I want to talk about the possibilities of this new world.”