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December 7th-10th, 2017 Salon du Bozar 2017 (Paris)

Exhibition period: December 7th to December 10th, 2017
Exhibition name: Salon du Bozar 2017
Artist: Non
Venue: Carrousel du Louvre (Paris) 

This is the event on December 10, 2017, three years ago.

Creative artist “Non” makes her debut as an artist in Paris! (Le Carrousel du Louvre)
A large three-dimensional work was exhibited at the art competition “Salon des Beaux Arts”.

The work has peepholes for adults and children, so you can look inside the work. Many visitors look inside and get sick.

Many art people, Parisians praised me! This flow is a memorable event that leads to PARCO’s art traveling exhibition in Japan.

Japanese artists always make a noise saying “Exhibit at the Louvre!”, But the Louvre is the place name of this place. Sure, it’s also inside the Louvre, but it’s not on display with the Mona Lisa.


“Defensiveness Excitement” (2017)
Acrylic, glue, fabric, paper and various of painting brushes on canvas
W1120 x D450 x H1620mm