Speedy NEWS

Discover Speedy at the unknown McDonald’s private treasure house on the outskirts of California!

I came to the unknown McDonald’s Private Treasure Museum (Original McDonald’s Site & Museum)!
Fans buy the first store that originated from McDonald’s and display history, store POP, and happy meal goods.
Donald also has a lot of trouble with creative control.
I think I’ll definitely go there for the rest of my life, so I stopped by San Bernardino before going to Palm Springs!
I found an unknown old character “SPEEDEE-kun” in many exhibits. I was happy to find a character with the same name in the year when Speedy was founded. This character was created in the arch by architect Stanley Clark Meston, who designed the first store opened by McDonald’s in 1952.
Original McDonald’s Site & Museum
1398 North E St., San Bernardino, CA