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October 21, 2016- “World’s First 3D-AR ART app”

October 21, 2016- “World’s First 3D-AR ART app”

We have a great app!
You can watch VR on your smartphone without a headset. At first glance, it looks like VR has become AR, but it’s not an app at that level. You can see the 3D work in perfect 3D by wrapping around with your smartphone, and you can get a sense of perspective (approaching or moving away) to the object. There is no immersive feeling.

Smartphone VR can now be easily used for events and live performances.
It’s still a prototype, but if it is equipped with a camera and video functions in the future, I think there will be far more needs than just 360 ° video.

Artist: Ly Dik.
Technology Development: enexc & Co.
Planning: Sony Digital Entertainment

Exhibition location: VR Art Gallery (Asagaya, Suginami-ku)