Speedy NEWS

“Non” was appointed as the branding commercial for the Wacoal Group’s fashionable runjory brand “Unnana Cool”.

“Non” was appointed as a branding commercial for Wacoal Group’s fashionable lingerie brand “Unnana Cool”.

At the same time, he was appointed as an ambassador for “Unnana Recycle”!
A project to add new value to products that have been discontinued at stores with various ideas and reborn as new products.

Client: Unnana Cool Co., Ltd.
Brand: une nana cool
Season copy: “Supporting the life of a girl”-I dream of my dream

AD: Tetsuya Chihara (Remon Life)
PH: Mikiya Takimoto
C: Mieko Kawakami
ST: Kumiko Iijima
HM: Fumie Kanno
NAIL: Atsumi Kadohara
Production: Remon Life