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NON” participated in the recitation play “Eimu Yomiuri” by Yuji Sakamoto, a playwright, and Hikari Mitsushima, an actor.

It was a wonderful stage.
There are strange friendships in middle school that are now estranged, aren’t there? The story takes an unexpected turn as memories of the past and the present intersect….

The limited technique of reading evokes the audience’s imagination. A work of deep taste.
Tickets seemed to sell instantly with only very limited methods such as insta-stories. Those who were able to see the show in person were lucky.

Reading Journey “Eimu Read” is a reading theater performed by screenwriter Yuji Sakamoto and actor Hikari Mitsushima that tours Japan on an irregular basis.

The memorable first chapter, “FUKEI no Hatsukoi, Ebina no SA,” took place in Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture, where “Non” was invited to set the stage for the film. The production was produced by Kyoko Koizumi’s company, Meigo-nichi Co.