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Genius editor Masaru Uchida comes to Koshu, Iruma on the 12th anniversary of his death. The gene of Speedy Inc. is here.

12th anniversary of the genius editor Masaru Uchida’s death. Every year, we visit his grave in Koshu, Iruma-gun, and have lunch with the Uchida family.
I am still grateful every day for Mr. Uchida’s teachings. It gives me a great guideline for my work.

People who live in the entertainment industry should know about Mr. Uchida and his work. I have about 200 copies of his out-of-print book, “Strange Ideas,” so if you are interested, please send me a message.

The day before yesterday, I received a 1983-84 photo from Noriko Shinohara in New York, so I gave it to her and her family members as prints. I gave them to her and her family members as prints.
Because everyone remembers Mr. Uchida, I feel that he is still alive today.


The following photos were sent to us by Noriko, a heartthrob of New York-based artist Yujio Shinohara, aka Ushi-chan, who is also an artist.

Entrance to a loft in Soho. The uncles on the side with the veterans who are drunk on their benefits.
The other picture was taken during Cow’s solo exhibition in the summer of 1984.

If you are interested, please read below.

Last message from Masaru Uchida, legendary editor of “The Star of the Giant” and “Gegege no Kitaro