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The Future of the Entertainment Industry


The public alert regarding the transfer of former SMAP talent is in the news.
According to a search on the Internet, Reina Noh (real name), aka “Nonn”, is also a hot topic.

I have been involved in the management of “Non” since July 2016, about 3 years ago, when I decided to support her exceptional talent.

During this period, I received so many offers from young TV station production people for wonderful projects, scripts, and so on. However, as the story progressed, the project was abruptly and repeatedly squashed by the supervisor or executive in charge.

This situation has continued for three years.

NON” is still one of the most popular actresses in Japan, competing for the top two positions in popularity surveys conducted by major weekly magazines. Therefore, we have received many requests for commercials from leading companies and from Asian countries, and we have been able to advertise in them.

But she is an actress. Isn’t it too unusual that Nonon, who also has enthusiastic offers from the field, has not been able to appear in a single drama at a TV station for three years?

If the entertainment industry is to be one respectable industry, it must change this old structure.

I sincerely hope that the industry will become one that can entertain and inspire the people of the world through friendly competition among people who create wonderful creativity, fair and square, without any sense of discovery.

Atsushi Fukuda