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Talk Live [Branding Thinking Method in the Age of Globalization] Host: Jun Fukuda Guest: DIGDOG llc. Representative: Xiaoxiayo Chen (Hosted by WASEDA NEO, Waseda University, Nihonbashi Campus)

Talk with Natsushiro! Too much fun!

Talk Live [Branding Thinking in the Global Era

Guest: DIGDOG llc. Representative: Xiaoxiayo Chen x Host: Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant

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Hosted by branding pioneer Jun Fukuda (Founder, Sony Digital Entertainment), the event will invite front-line professionals to talk about “how to see and think” to survive in the digital age in a live talk format.

The fifth guest was DIGDOG llc. The representative of the company is Mr. Xiaoxiaoyo Chen.

An up-and-coming young marketer who grew up in Japan and China and has been involved in business since he was a student at a prestigious Chinese university, he will talk about the coming future of Japan as seen from the perspective of Chinese youth.

Brand Consultant / CEO, Speedy Group
Atsushi Fukuda

Born in Osaka in 1965. (President of Speedy Inc. / Visiting Professor at Kanazawa Institute of Technology and Yokohama College of Art / President of NPO Ashante Mama / Founder, Sony Digital Entertainment Inc.
Cartier “Changemaker of the Year” (2016), Warner Bros. “Best Marketer of the Year” for three consecutive years (2012-14), Nikkei Web “One of 51 Key IT Persons for the 21st Century” (2001) (2006), and serves as a member of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, among others.
Book “This is fine, 14 years old. (Kodansha) “The Voice of the Town is a Lie” (Satemaga B.I.) “You Don’t Think You Can Profit from SNS, Do You? (Shogakukan)

DIGDOG llc. representative
Executive Officer, Chocolate Co.
Chinsho Natsuyo

In 2011, he started planning and managing entertainment events in Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore, and in 2013, he worked for an advertising company in Tokyo. From 2019, he will be working at the content studio CHOCOLATE Inc. where he will be in charge of developing original content and creating mechanisms for global expansion.