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The Era of Personalized Cancer Treatment through Genome Analysis (Precision Medicine)

Precision medicine refers to personalized precision medicine (or personalized medicine) based on genome analysis.

In the 10/22/2019 issue of “NEWS WEEK,” an attempt to create a drug to identify and correct cancer-causing DNA by having AI check genome analysis was introduced.

Incidentally, a genome is a state that contains one set (two sets) of DNA information. A gene is a part of DNA. Some parts do not contain genetic information.

Genome > DNA > Gene

The human genome is the blueprint of the human being, consisting of 3 billion base pairs. There are 200 million genes in it.
In fact, cancer is a matter of intracellular proteins, and when the immune system is weakened, it mutates the cells and allows bad copies to proliferate.

The drug targets proteins, not genes. The AI is constantly reading examples of the protein patterns and finding formulas to block the bad behavior. That is why uniform radiation therapy does not work for everyone. Gene testing should be the standard treatment for cancer, he says.


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