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Our Shibuya PARCO is back after 3 years!

Our Shibuya PARCO is back after 3 years!
Mr. Shigeto showed me around PARCO before it opened. I’m very excited.
Everything is full of artistic color and playfulness.

There are museums, theaters, cinemas, and galleries. It’s perfect!

The tenants are gorgeous.” Nintendo” is the first store. A long line of people lined up before the store opened.
“Bijutsu Techo has an exhibition of paintings and a coffee shop.” Almost a Day” has two spaces, a gallery and a stylish store. Price COM” has a new e-sports cafe and a DOMMUNE open studio.
Of course, there is also a Pharrell’s collaboration store and other fashion items. I’ll have to come back for this one.

And the underground restaurant world is both side street style and Blade Runner.
The flower shop on the corner is also a bar until midnight.
It was a very exciting visit.