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Speedy Inc. promotes friendship between Japan and China through entertainment!

Promoting friendship between Japan and China!

The first China-Japan “Humanities Dialogue” was held on November 25, 2019.
In this context, Xi Jinping has suggested strengthening relations with Japan, saying that the two countries are “one-robe, one-water neighbors.

Among the eight items agreed upon. “to promote cooperation in the cultural industries, including film, music, animation, cartoons, and publishing, as well as exchange and reciprocal visits by high-level art troupes.” The agreement states.

Speedy also hopes to contribute to the further development of the two countries in the field of entertainment through Speedy China (Starlight Speed International Cultural Media).

I would like to offer some advice for Japanese companies entering the Chinese market.

Establishment of a company
It is not possible to register in a shared office or at home as in Japan. You must have a location designated as an office district and must also hire employee staff.

As for the location of the registered office, it is convenient to set up an office in Zhuhai, the new special economic zone that the Chinese government is focusing on after Shenzhen. Depending on the nature of the company, tax and other incentives may be available.
By the way, Zhuhai” is very close to Macau, so it is convenient from Japan.

Website launched
China has 1.4 billion people and is self-reliant. It does not have the portals that exist in Western countries, but more powerful sites.

Google (Baidu), LINE (WeChat), Twitter (Weibo), Amazon (Alibaba), and Uber (DiDi), among others, and if their sites are not flexible, they cannot operate online in China.

If you want to open a website in China, you must have a company in China. Only websites that have the company’s Articles of Incorporation will be allowed and will be able to obtain a domain name. Even if you have a Chinese website in Japan, 1.4 billion people cannot access it.

Remittance to home country
Because of restrictions on taking out foreign currency, money earned in China should be reinvested in China.
However, if you need to purchase goods in your home country, etc., you can set up a joint venture with China. 25% or more can be established with foreign capital, and some remittance to your home country is possible.

By the way, most payments in China are made with “WeChatPay” or “Alibaba Payments (Alipay)”. Cash transactions have all but disappeared. Even night stalls use QR.
Receipts used for business entertainment can also be verified and issued using WeChat QR.
Please note that Japanese credit cards are not accepted.

The above is my advice to those who want to start a business in China.

Remarks: Full text of the message from Xi Jinping mentioned above.

China and Japan are neighbors with a long history and deep cultural ties, and over the course of more than 2,000 years of continuous association, the peoples of the two countries have mutually studied and referred to each other to promote their own development and contribute to the progress of Asian civilization. The world is experiencing a great change that has never happened in a century, and the power of culture is indispensable for mankind to cope with the common challenges and move forward into a great future. The peoples of the world should grasp the prevailing situation, follow the trends, strengthen exchanges, and together write a new page of human civilization.

China-Japan relations continue to improve. I hope that China and Japan will make full use of this mechanism together to promote human and cultural exchanges, promote communication between people’s minds, and provide human and cultural support for the building and development of China-Japan relations that meet the demands of the new era.”

Eight items agreed upon.

1. The year 2020 is designated as the “Year for the Promotion of Cultural and Sports Exchange between China and Japan.
2. Resume and expand the scale of two-way school trips between the two countries.
3. Expand human traffic between the two countries in a well-balanced manner, surpassing 15 million in total as soon as possible, and hold a China-Japan Tourism Forum.
4. Promote cooperation in cultural industries such as film, music, animation, manga, and publishing, as well as exchange and reciprocal visits by high-level art troupes.
5. Mutually support the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and use cooperation in the Olympics as a bridge to enhance the level of exchange and cooperation in the sports fields of both countries.
6. Support mutual visits, exchanges and cooperation in the media industry.
7. Share experiences in promoting women’s projects and promote cooperation in the development of gender equality.
8 and agreed to hold a second meeting in China at an appropriate time next year.