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Talked dialogue [The value you can only get from reading] (Part 2) Book Director Masataka Haba and Consultant Jun Fukuda

This is a dialogue that I hope you will take the time to read on Sunday.

Talked dialogue [The Value You Can Only Get from Reading] (Part 2)
Book Director Masataka Haba x Consultant Jun Fukuda


Width: “Reading is the act of reading while letting oneself be close to the feelings of others. And when something actually happens to me, I think something changes depending on whether or not I open that drawer and say, “There was this person who had this kind of emotion. I think everyone has that gray, fuzzy, indescribable feeling, like stabbing someone in frustration. For example, in Kajii Kanjiro’s “The Graduates,” a man suffering from tuberculosis, which was a deadly disease at the time, agonizes over a lemon as if it were a bomb…. I think it was at Maruzen in Kyoto, and all he did was put a lemon on top of an art book he liked and walked away. But there was a person who was coming to terms with his own feelings by doing that…whether he knew it or not. It is very important to know how many feelings and drawers of relativistic emotions a person has.”

Composition: Junko Io
Photo: Yukiko Koshima