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Establishes the association of Speedy Land Trust, a non-profit organization that creates forests.

The kicker was a word from Ian,… (See the following slides for detailed background)

Last year, Typhoon No. 19 caused direct damage and fear, and global warming must have become a personal issue for the Japanese people. People don’t think about the earth until they are cornered like this.

I myself could not see the earth.

Here’s what’s going on.
It all started with the Industrial Revolution. The temperature of the earth has become higher because we have been using coal to generate electricity and plastic products to dispose of them. (1°C since the Industrial Revolution)

(Recognition of current situation)
The earth is experiencing serious climate change due to the greenhouse gases (such as carbon dioxide CO2) generated from it, as described below.

Methane gas is generated as Antarctic ice melts away.
Sea level rises, causing abnormal weather (e.g., large typhoons, forest fires)
Ecosystems are disrupted, causing food shortages (spread of malaria and other infectious diseases)

(Worst possible future map)
Furthermore, if this trend continues, the temperature will rise by 4°C by the end of this century, which will destroy the earth. Therefore, we are trying to limit the rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030. If they fail to do so, this is what will happen.

…Arctic melting if global warming gets out of control.
The loss of ice, which used to be a barrier to the sea, will expose the seawater to the sun and create a scorching hot planet.
The Amazon and Borneo rainforests are dying, and carbon dioxide is being emitted.
…A once-in-a-century disaster happens every year.
Sea level rises by 1m and there is less land to live on.
The storm surge was 5 meters high and the levees were breached.
Methane gas in Siberia’s permafrost will explode (25 times more than CO2)

(How to prevent it)
No new coal-fired power plants (Japan is not in a position to win fossil prizes, but rather, the government should promote divestment and impact investment).
Expansion of renewable energy (the business community will do more on this)
De-plasticize (remove micro-plastics from the ocean too, which we can all strive for too, right?)
Increase forests ←This is the role of this NPO!

(2020 Action Plan)
First, create an official website to raise awareness of our activities and solicit individual donations.
Solicit corporate donations
Organize conferences to raise environmental awareness
We will make it a global activity in cooperation with weMORI, a non-profit organization that Ian will create separately.

I would be very happy if everyone could help me a lot.

Speedy Land Trust, a non-profit organization
(The association of Speedy Land Trust)

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