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To innovate out of the plague!

On the mindset of innovation from the plague

A new virus is raging around the world. Here, it seems we are thinking about it from a business perspective.
The Black Death (plague) of the 14th century was so devastating that it reduced the world’s population of 450 million by 100 million. What emerged from this was a cultural revolution called the Renaissance (meaning “rebirth or revival”).
Scientific perspectives came one after another from astrology and witchcraft, which had been central to the past.

So, what are we prepared to do with this new virus?
Many events and gigs have been canceled and companies have been forced to work remotely. But think about it: there are people who lost everything after 311, 911, or WWII, and there are people who made something new out of it and became very successful. In short, it is a matter of mindset.

Cancellation of events and live performances will extend the potential of 5G for delivery. Remote work may reduce wasteful commutes and meetings and, incidentally, highlight incompetent middle management. E-education through school closures is full of possibilities to satisfy new knowledge appetites.

This epidemic should contribute to the development of genome editing and AI. And it also contributes to the expansion of the network of scientists (open-sourcing of related papers). If we consider these social losses as well as opportunities for great innovation, we will be able to change the way we spend our time at home.


Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant

This painting is about the plague by Giuseppe Maria Crespi.
Bernard Tolomei, a saint, speaks to the plague and intercedes for it to end death.
Artista: Giuseppe Maria Crespi
Data: 1735
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Vienna, Austria)