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Talked dialogue [Only Travel Can Teach You the “Truth”: The World Wanderings of a Writer of Distinction] (Part 2) Publishing Agent and Author Tadashi Onizuka and Consultant Jun Fukuda

Finally, the second part. A story of travel, religion and art. Onizuka-san’s adventure story is interesting.


Talked dialogue [Only Travel Can Teach You the “Truth”: A Wandering Around the World by a Famous Writer] (Part 2)

Publishing agent and author Tadashi Onizuka x Consultant Jun Fukuda


Onizuka: “People who sell well as authors of books are those who have traveled and those who have religious views. It is not that they are religious because they are religious, but that they have a clear idea of what they want to appeal to the world. It’s about how to show this in an oblique manner.

What am I living for?” Those who have their own answers to the question, “What is the best way to get to know each other?

Young people today look for their place in the Internet. People today have smartphones, they have information, and I think they lead a life that is unencumbered in many ways, but I still don’t understand why they say “it’s hard to live”.

After all, there is a difference between the information you see on the Internet and the information you actually visit.

I think, you know, in Europe and Eastern Europe, tiny towns are very beautiful. When I asked why, I was convinced that “there are many art university graduates in the government. So, I think it would be a good idea for Japanese government offices to stop hiring people based only on deviation score and create a quota for art university students. It would be great if such people were in charge of city policies and landscape design. Europe earns money from tourism. Who made it? You are an artist, aren’t you? Who is it in Japan? Basically, it’s politicians. So I wish we could get more people with art school backgrounds into Japanese government offices.”

Composition: Junko Io

Photo: Yukiko Koshima