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Damien Hirst confronts the ultimate choice between NFT art and real art

To all art lovers and virtual currency enthusiasts

Damien Hirst has prepared a treadmill for you! The …

Kunimitsu Hironao cautioned against a world in which people are quick to buy and sell in the short term, saying, “How many people cannot do the simple thing of continuing to believe in the future of bitcoin? If you’re going to be happy or sad there, you might as well deposit your money in a postal savings account.

And for art lovers, it is not even clear if NFT is an extension of media art. It may just be that demand is stimulated by the presumption that since Christie’s is handling it, it must be art with asset value.

The future of virtual currency is a question of whether we have the ability to believe in the future of technology, the future of liberalism (decentralized society), and the future of civilization.

On that occasion, the new Damien Hirst’s NFT The project “ THE CURRENCY is very interesting.

2016 Based on a dot work he painted in 2006, the person himself 10,000 The sheets are handmade ( 1 sheet Approx. 20 ($20,000)! Damien said that since this had to be made with the image of printing a bill, it was 10,000 He made it in sheets and put a watermark on it. Amazing!!! I’m going crazy. But if it all sells. 20 That’s a billion yen, so go for it!

10,000 The title of each of the three paintings is from the lyrics of Damian’s favorite song AI The name was given at random by the

And every piece has a 9 The number of anti-counterfeiting measures ( NFT (proof that it is unique not only on paper, but also on paper) is included.

Artist’s signature, backing, handmade paper, microdots, embossing, handwritten title, artist watermark, hologram, and Hearst logo watermark. I’m all about one-of-a-kind to any degree!

The rarity (how rare it is) is not even half as good as it is presented.

First, there is a history of the number of dots, colors, textures, densities, overlaps, etc. analyzed for each work, and this information is also available in the NFT The data will be converted into a For each work, a database is created in which these components can be found by searching.

Works can be purchased with either virtual currency or credit card. However, purchased works can only be purchased with NFT You have to choose between the real or real version. NFT If you choose the version, the real version is destroyed! Damian said in an interview that “everyone is 100% NFT What if they take the He laughed.

Now, which would you choose? I, of course NFT Edition!


Price : 2,000 USD

Medium : Paint on handmade paper

Size: 20cm x 30cm, 2016

Blcockchain : PALM